Who is Mintwell Capital?

Mintwell Capital exists for one reason: to build your financial freedom. We understand the challenges people face when it comes to planning for their financial future. That’s where we come in.

Our full-service wealth management and financial advisory firm caters for private clients, corporates and institutions with all the products and services they need, designed specifically to meet their unique circumstances.

Finance, whether you’re borrowing or investing, can be confusing. Not only are there myriad of options, there are also numerous laws to be complied with. It’s no wonder many people give up and walk away.

Mintwell Capital is here to help

No matter what stage of life you’re at; looking to buy your first home, investing to grow your wealth, or planning for retirement, we have the expertise to guide you through what can seem like a maze of options.

Our dedicated team of finance professionals provide unparalleled personal service, exceptional knowledge and meticulous attention to detail that will help you achieve your financial goals. Your financial success is our number one aim.

Professionals you can trust

Let’s face it, we all work hard for our money, so when it comes to investing and growing our financial assets, we can be cautious at best (and terrified at worst). That’s why you need a reliable, trustworthy financial advisor on your side.

When it comes to wealth management and financial advice, we have specialist staff on hand to guide you through what can appear to be very complex decisions. We manage money for a living, and we pride ourselves on doing it very well. That’s why our clients trust and rely on us to help keep their precious asset safe and growing.

What's On Offer

Our clients come from all walks of life and are at all stages of wealth creation. Some people believe that financial planners and advisors are only for business owners and the wealthy elite. Nothing could be further from the truth. We can be your financial life partner, whether you are young, starting out and keen to get your foot on the property or investment ladder, an established single or family person looking to consolidate and build a portfolio and protect yourself and your loved ones financially, or an older person or couple planning for a comfortable retirement.

We’re also there for business people of all ages and stages. If you have a new business idea, we can not only help with finance, but advise you on insurances, bookkeeping and tax matters. Thriving business owners come to us when they want to expand their enterprise, whether it is through extra funding for capital and equipment, corporate tax re-organisation or strategies. We also advise our business clients on how to plan for exit strategies to protect their business legacy after they retire.

Mintwell Capital can cater for your every financial and wealth-building need including:

  • Financial planning
  • Superannuation advice
  • Mortgages and loans (home, commercial and personal)
  • Managed hedge funds
  • Self-managed superannuation fund set-up and management
  • Accounting and taxation advice
  • Securities, derivatives and foreign exchange trading
  • Life insurance
  • Total and permanent disability insurance
  • Income protection