Superannuation Advisory

Superannuation Advisory

Superannuation is a common way of saving for your retirement and is usually accumulated throughout your working life as funds set aside by your employer. The right amount of superannuation can make a big difference in being able to afford the lifestyle you want retirement.

There are many laws and regulations that govern access to these funds. Mintwell Capital has the experience to provide you with the knowledge and guidance to make the right superannuation choices. Just some of those choices include finding the right superannuation fund to get the best return on your investment, considering how your money is invested by your fund, and deciding what levels of life, disability and income protection insurance you need.

Mintwell Capital knows how to navigate the numerous super options available. Our advisors draw on their years of industry experience to ensure your retirement savings are maximised through the use of intelligent strategies to boost contributions, increase tax effectiveness, preserve capital and assist in navigating the complex legislative framework.

Many of us change jobs several times throughout our life, which can result in “lost” superannuation. If you have any “lost” super in funds you have forgotten about, it may not be working efficiently for you or could even be completely eaten away by fees.

Mintwell Capital’s superannuation advisors can help you to trace your lost super funds and consolidate all your money into one account.

We can also advise you on the best options when it comes to making additional superannuation contributions, as well as tax liabilities, borrowing rules for property investment and self-managed super funds.

We design and create portfolios for clients that re high performing.  We create portfolios and picking stocks and giving clients full transparency on what we’re investing their super money in. Each portfolio is unique and trying to get best result for each client according to their individual needs and their risk profile.